The History

The Samoyed is considered the most beautiful of the Nordic dogs, 
its history is fascinating like the one of the people where the name comes from: the Samoyeds.


This nomadic people,
located in North Russia,
on the East side of the Mounts Urali
and on the West side of the Yenisei river,
continuously searching for food
and pastures during their moving,
were always with a very capable,
intelligent and resistant dog,
who was naturally very loyal.

The race was kept in great consideration
from the Samoyed people, 
as primitive selection criteria, 
avoided that the females coupled with wolves
or other types of dogs,
as instead happened for other dogs.

The character of the Samoyed is very special.
They are dogs of great intelligence and personality, with particular sensitiveness, which the owner must never forget.
Thanks to its great sensitiveness, the Samoyed learns what it is asked it easily and is a very pleasant mate inside a family,
very affectionate and suitable for kids

The Antartic Exploration

Ronald Aundsen (1862-1928)
was the first man who reached the South Pole together with 18 sledge-dogs,
on Friday December  14th 1911 at h: 3.00 p.m.

Antartic Buck on the boat.

One of these dogs is stuffed and shown at the Oslo Museum in Norway.

Boat "Fram" shipping on March 14th 1895 .
(from “Farthest North” by F. Nansen)

The Samoyeds with their slinging beside 
the boat  “Fram”

The team ready for the exploration trip.

Ronald  Amundsen on the way to South Pole with his Samoyeds.

Daisy's third litter. 
(from “Heart of Antartic" by Sir. E. Schackleton published by Heineman)

In the land of penguins.
(E. Shackleton)

On the left: F.G. Jackson with Sally, Nimrod and Ràwing
On the right: A.B. Armitage  with Sammie.

from  (“Franz Joseph Land”)

5 dogs survived from the first exploration .
(from Frabz Joseph Land by F.G. Jackson)


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